Toyota Landcruizer FJ40 Retro Install

A ground up restored Toyota FJ40 Landcruizer came in for an audio upgrade. This imported vehicle has had no expenses spared in its restoration and the client did not want to defer from its original stock look.

The client brief was loud and clear, good sound without compromising on aesthetics and period look. We went ahead and colour coded the speaker surrounds and grills to match the vehicle’s custom leather interior and fabricated the rear speaker baffles to integrate into the curved rear fender which was colours coded to match the vehicles colour.

The sub-woofer was chosen specifically for its discreet size and profile allowing us to install it below the passenger seat along with the discreet but powerful Vibe Audio Mono-block amplifier driving the sub-woofer.

The front 5 1/4″ 2 way coaxials were chosen as adding a component split speaker system would have strayed from the brief. The rear 4″ 2 way coaxials were fitted in the rear fender where it meets the tailgate in open unused space and along with the baffles were colours coded to match the vehicles colour.

The head unit installed was a modern unit with a retro, period correct design, it allows for USB and Bluetooth audio and retains the 1970’s retro look.

Head unit: Retro Sound custom head unit by Retro Manufacturing

Front Stage Speakers:
Focal 5 1/4″ 2 way Co Axials

Rear Stage Speakers:
Focal 4″ 2 way Co Axials

Audison 8″ APS 8D comp sub-woofer in custom low profile enclosure

Blam Audio RA704 DSP PRO 4 channel amp driving the front and rear Coaxials
VIBE Audio powerbox 400.1 Mono-block amplifier driving the sub-woofer

Custom cable design to integrate into vehicles electrical harness leaving a stock look and feel with no exposed wires or connections.

Upgraded battery terminal to accommodate for additional equipment.

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